How To Prevent Identity Theft

25/06/2011 11:53

How to prevent identity theft, hacker
What is computer identity theft?

If you have personal information stored on your computer or use the computer to purchase items online in a wireless network unsecured, you may be subject to identity theft information. This occurs when the thief comes to piracy and is able to obtain information from your credit card, Social Security number and other personal information is seen as you take on your identity, or simply to access and withdraw funds from your bank account (s).

Why wireless networks are so vulnerable to hackers?

The main reason that the wireless network is a breeding ground for hackers is that many people use open networks. Open networks are those in coffee shops or airports without special security in them or home networks and business that do not use WPA2 encryption service for your network. This means that anyone can connect to this network because it has no password security and wreak havoc on those who are connected. The best way to prevent identity theft is to have your own security system on your computer before you connect to an open wireless connection.

Mita sinun tarvitsee tietää Langaton Internet Security?

Many companies and individuals working wireless and it has become more popular because it does not require that your computer is connected to an internet connection, but works by signals wirelessly to the router. You should be aware that there are ways to prevent identity theft while working wirelessly. When working for you, wireless, you are under a lot of wireless security, and therefore safer to hacking. But when you go to public places where there are lots of sports or a wireless connection, you can join, you risk identity theft, because security is disabled, meaning that all the information you send over the Internet can be viewed by anyone of a person with software piracy. Security is your best way to stay away from those who seek to steal someone's identity.