How To Take Pictures With Webcam Without Software

14/07/2011 08:27

after installing the drivers for the webcam, you may want to install a suite of applications Web cam to take pictures. But if you do not want to download or install such things, just to test your webcam you can take a snapshot of my Windows Explorer itself, which means you do not need to install any software is adapted to take a picture (except the Web cam drivers).

Follow these simple steps:

To do this, open My Computer after installation. You should see the webcam listed scanners and camera section. Right click on the icon and click Copy Image.

Now a window should open saying that the Scanner and Camera Wizard (as above). Press Next and you get a screen where you can preview the camera and take pictures. You took snaps should be uploaded photos on the right side of the ยง. When you take pictures, make sure that those who want to save and click Next.

Choose a location to save the selected images and click Next. Confirm the deletion of the photos on my device after copying them, if your webcam has its own memory (optional). Then click Next and follow the steps to complete the same explains the capture.