How To Test The Operation Of Your Anti-virus

17/06/2011 18:34

How To Test The Operation Of Your Anti-virus
Have you ever wondered how to test your antivirus software to the proper functioning? Well here is a quick and easy way to test your antivirus. This process is known as the EICAR test that works on all anti-virus and developed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research. This process can be used for people, businesses, and anti-virus programmers to test the correct operation of antivirus / antimalware software to manage without a real computer viruses that can harm your computer. This is a step-by-step testing method Virus.

1. Open Notepad (New Text Document.txt) and copy the code below exactly on it, and save the notepad.

X5O! P% @ AP [4PZX54 (P ^) 7cc 7)} $ EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE! $ H + H *

Rename the second file from document.txt new text

3. Now run the virus scan on this file

If your antivirus is working properly on your computer, then it should generate a warning message and immediately delete the file when scanning. Otherwise you might have to reinstall your antivirus.

NOTE: Most of the virus opens a warning message in Phase-1

You can also enter files in a ZIP file or RAR and scan it to see if the virus scanner detects the test string compressed archive. All anti-virus scanning, this file will be exactly like a real virus / malware. This test does not cause damage to your computer even if the antivirus program flags the malicious scripts. Therefore, it is the safest way to test the effectiveness of any antivirus.