install Linux KeyLogger in Ubuntu

19/07/2011 10:02

A keylogger is hardware / software based, running in the background and the card every keystroke to a log file without user awareness.

Linux x86, LKL Keylogger is a common, also known as key logger KeyLogger.Linux Linux is open source and free software.Once maps installed keylogger keyboard port 0 × 60, all keystrokes to be signed file.So Here's how to install the software on Ubuntu.

Step by step installation

Step 1: Download the software uses sourceforge link.

Step 2: Extract the files from the archive.

Step 3: Open the console and navigate to the directory of this folder, LKL, CD LKL.

Step 4: Then check the resources necessary for executing the command / configure ..

Step 5: Compile the package with make and after that you can even run to the box to run the tests after what is optional.

Step 6: Run sudo make install to install the software package.

This completes the installation of the software.

After finished installing the software, here are instructions and options for working with the software.


Enter the command "LKL" with the following options

-K <keymap_file> : Set the keymap file

-O <output_file> : Set an output file

-L: start logging keystrokes via keyboard port

-H: help

-M <mail_id> : mail the logs to specific email

T <host> : Set the host to send the mail (default: localhost)

B: set debug mode

 Hope this helped you in installing the software.