IP Addresses And DNS

13/08/2011 08:52

The term "host" can be confusing because it has several meanings in the computer

world. It is used to describe a computer or server that provides web pages. In this

context, it is said that the computer is "hosting agreement" website. Host is also used to

describe companies that allow people to share their Internet servers and

connection as a service instead of each company or individual who has to buy all

their own equipment.

"Host" computer, the Internet is defined as any computer

which has a direct connection with computers on the Internet are the same Internet.All

a another.They all can act as servers or as clients.You can maintain a website

your computer as easy as you can use your computer to view web sites from

other computers.The Internet is a global network of hosts to communicate

back and forth. Seen in this way, all computers, or hosts, on

The Internet is the same.

Each host has a unique address on the same work address. It

does not act simply to the letter the minister. Smith.You is also an address, eg, 1234 Main Street. However, there may be more

1234 Main Street in the world, then you must also be in town: Anytown.Maybe

there is a Joe Smith on 1234 Main Street in Anytown in more than one state, so you

It should be added that address as well. This e-mail system can work backwards

for work at the correct destination. First, get to the rule of law and

the city, just after the driver's right to 1234 Main Street, and finally

Joe Smith.

On the Internet, this is called IP (Internet Protocol) IP address.The

consists of four blocks of three numbers between 0 and 255 different classes

IP addresses are owned by different companies or ISP (Internet Service Provider).

By deciphering the IP address, it can be routed to the appropriate host. First, go to

the owner of the range of addresses, so it can filter down to the specific

direction, it is intended.

I could name my computer "My Computer" but there is no way that I

how many other people named their computer "My Computer" so it would be

does not work try to send a communication in "My Computer" any more than

sending a letter, simply "John Smith" will reach their destination correctly.

Million hosts on the Internet, it is almost impossible for users

Remember the IP addresses of the individual Web site or host they want to communicate

with, then the system was created allowing users to access websites with the names are easier to


The Internet uses the Domain Name Service (DNS) to translate the name of

real IP address to route communications correctly. For example, you just

Enter "yahoo.com" to web information is sent to the DNS browser.That

server, which checks its database and converts the address to something like, computers that can understand and use to receive communications

to its destination.

DNS servers are scattered all over the Internet rather than having a single center

database helps to protect the Internet by not one

failures that could take down everything. It also helps to speed up processing and

reduces the time it takes to translate the names by dividing the workload between

many servers and placing servers around the world.

This will give you the address in a DNS server a few miles of your

location you want to share thousands of guests on the other hand, to communicate

with a central server halfway around the planet, millions of people

trying to use.

Your ISP will most likely have its own DNS servers. Depending on the size of

ISP, it can be more than one DNS server and can be spread around

Globe cited the same reasons. The ISP has the equipment and owns or leases of telecommunications lines necessary to establish the presence of

Internet. They in turn provide access through the equipment and telecommunications

lines to users for a fee.

The largest of the Internet has major channels of the Internet called

"Backbone." Imagine how the spinal cord passes through your spine and acts as

central communications pipe in system.Your Nervous

The branches of the small off-road until it reaches the nerve endings individual

branch similar to the way Internet communications backbone

smaller service providers and, finally, to the network of individual computers.

If something happens to one of the companies that provide telecommunications

lines that form the spine, which can affect large portions of the Internet

because many smaller ISPs that use that part of the spine is

the same effect.