Keep Your Gmail E-mail Without A Computer E-mail List Of Programs

28/06/2011 09:39

Offline Gmail has a feature where you can save messages, conversations, attachments, stickers on computers without using e-mail programs like Outlook.

Offline Gmail lets you synchronize the content of Gmail on your PC when it connects to the Internet or to work with your email offline.

Activate the Gmail

1. Login to Gmail

2nd go to Settings-> Out

3. click "Enable offline mail to this computer" and click "Save Changes"

4th Follow the instructions and accept to install Google Gears, which is less than 1 MB.

5. After this process a few minutes, u'r Google mail is synchronized with your computer

6th and you can access your Gmail offline contenders by clicking on "Offline Gmail" icon on your desktop.

Advantage of Gmail offline

1. Very simple equipment and easy to use

2. No need to install additional software such as Outlook Express, etc.

And third largest of its products Google, you can be sure that the security of your personal files

Offline Gmail Handicap

 Can not be specified for selected emails stored on your PC, all your emails out in the specified year is stored.