Lock Computer Using USB

24/07/2011 00:00

Portable Security is an evolving and new technologies such as fingerprint readers, eye scanners, facial recognition, etc. But what about video games?

Using this trick, you will be able to lock your computer with a computer USB.The only works when the USB is connected to USB keyboard in.Once is removed and the mouse automatically turns off and the screen is locked dark.Moreover. To your computer to automatically open the computer, insert the USB cable.

This work trick with all versions of Windows, including Windows and 32-bit and 64-bit

Here's the trick to lock your computer with USB Use Predator

Download software predator-http: / / adf.ly/2780R

Predator will start automatically after installation, or you can run it from Start / Programs / Predator

Now insert your USB.You receive a message defining your new password. (This process will not format your pen drive and your data pen drive will not be affected by this at all)

Click OK and enter your new password in the following dialog

Make sure the drive letter appears in "USB drive" really fit your flash drive, or choose the correct letter from the dropdown

Finally, click Create a key and then the OK button

After that, the program will automatically restart the program exit.Now clicking the icon on the desktop.

Predator initialization.Once takes a couple of seconds in the system tray turns green, then the software has been initialized.