Mac's Are Becoming More Vulnerable

03/07/2011 19:47

For this article, we will need a Windows PC, "PC" and Apple "Mac", so do not have in my case about how Macs are personal computers. I also understand that all Mac users are like the image in this article I'm talking about diehard fans of the boys, who do not get a word edgewise as talk about how much of their $ 3,000 chrome gizmo is. Let's go straight to the point. For years Mac users have been smug about how their computers are so sure, and how their systems are "inherently stable ', etc., the PC users out there what I'm talking about, and we also know that if you try to visit both any kind of logical discussion, which will soon be closed, and I repeat it, "but it's a Mac," over and over again. I've waited for years for these people to laugh, and it seems that the time is fast approaching. While expands the market for the Mac, Mac users are becoming more and more targeted malware that arrives at the first point.

The purpose of installing large-scale virus usually to make money, or defraud people by stealing or selling of illegal data. If you make the most of your virus, that try to infect as many computers as possible, it follows that, naturally, trying to infect computers since they were the dominant team it for several years. Apple had a very small client until the last few years, and people who have them are suitable for use for personal things, not the business. This means that there was nothing coming out for Mac for many years, then the pirates have been completely ignored. Now that Macs were first used by a wide range of people, you can be sure that a wave of Mac viruses and malware are underway.

Even worse the spread of viruses, the Mac is the general attitude of Mac users. They are not used to watching your ass all the time, so that they are so unprepared for what computer users have experienced for years. Safety is a state of mind, and these Mac users will not have the right mindset to avoid any malicious software that PC users to roll on a daily basis. Although this does not mean that all PC users in this (witness all the people who still get viruses), but I think it's even worse when your Mac from viruses and worms hit the mainstream.

On a similar note, there will be a clear latent period where Mac antivirus programs will not be able to reject far from all attacks. Personal computers have been through this process slowly over the years that the attacks have increased, but I think the Mac market will be hit in the face with all the viruses that will be used initially. For PC users, there are many security programs to choose good and they are all updated frequently, which gives relatively good protection. The industry has taken years to evolve in its current state, and while the Mac club will not quite as long as the PC industry, it will always be too long.

All that being said, I hope I am wrong and the Mac community ride this storm is only semi-beaten, but I fear that many will be in for a rude awakening.