Make a 100mb Live/Bootable USB of Puppy Linux-Use it to Break Computer Security physically and much more

29/06/2011 23:51

How a Linux Live USB key 100MB in size

Hack password-protected computer with this USB-Live

Secure your computer by removing the current virus

How to make Puppy Linux Live USB 100 MB in minutes

1 - First, download the installer from here USB Universal.

2 - You must use a USB drive to be inserted into your PC or laptop. After inserting the USB stick (can be from 225 MB to 32 GB or more, depending on the flavor of Linux you want to install on USB, Puppy is so small that 100 MB)

3 - After setting the USB cable, run the application "USB Universal Installer" and select the flavor of Linux, as I have chosen to Puppy Linux, which is small enough around. 100MB. Then download linux.iso you want to install. You can also download directly to the "USB Universal Installer".

4 - Then press the "Create", then the USB disk is created and will be treated.

5 - Now your USB drive will be created after the treatment is done restart the computer / laptop and then boot from the USB drive. You may have to enter the BIOS setup (pressing F10 depending on your computer / laptop) to change the boot order. Make a USB key to the first priority and the hard drive in the second.

6 - After setting the boot order to save the configuration and restart.

7 - Therefore, the computer can now boot from a USB key instead of the hard drive and a welcome screen.

How can we use the Linux Live USB for hacking, physics, and also to data security:

This USB drive can be used for many purposes, and the mind depends on the person who is used to create it.

1 - You can break the password of a computer that uses, as I mentioned in my previous article that you can replace the SAM file where the passwords are stored on the computer running the second victim operating system and replace the SAM file with its own you know the password. Read this post here for: -

Password Cracking Windows logon - Windows break

2 - Can be used to take data from a protected computer by just booting the computer from which direct USB and then copied the data from the hard drive and then paste this data to your flash drive.

3 - You can clean the virus in the presence of a temporary computer, Recycle Bin, System Volume Information, such as folders, which can not be used for the virus, and once activated can not be deleted in Windows while Windows is running. So, you can search and remove the virus from another operating system on which these viruses are useless, and that is certainly Linux.Thus information can be safeguarded.