Make a Cell Phone a Webcam

17/07/2011 20:48

Maybe you have an old mobile phone out there that you no longer use, or maybe just hate carrying a lot of gadgets with you when traveling. Anyway, the piece of software that can turn your phone into a webcam.

1-Choose a webcam / mobile phone software. These programs allow your cell phone via Bluetooth to communicate and work effectively as a webcam.

2 Download the software and install it by double-clicking the file and follow the instructions.

3-Open the application on your computer and click "Login". Select "Bluetooth" or "USB." This will connect your computer to your cell phone. Choose the option you have at your disposal.

4-Connect your phone via Bluetooth via your "Menu" and click on "Add a Bluetooth device." If you do not have a Bluetooth phone, you must use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. Once connected, you will see an image on your computer screen that comes on your device.