09/08/2011 21:14

Is this your copy of

Windows XP

very slow to start

machine? Here's how

speed up boot time

with a quick registry tweak.

1. Open the Registry Editor

and go to HKEY_LOCAL_

MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \

Control \

content index.

2nd In the right panel is a

value called "StartupDelay."

To access this option, DoubleClick

StartupDelay. Then

change the 'Home' option

in "hex" to decimal,

and enter 40000

"Value data" field (it is ELD

The default is 480,000).

In the "Value data" ignores the ELD

StartupDelay, change the number

480,000 to 40,000.

3. Close the Registry Editor

and restart the computer.

The system should start

much faster. Note:

This trick worked

 Windows XP

laptop, the values ​​specified

less than 40 000 have not

produces significant differences

start time.