Mediafire Downloads Using Cookies Resume Remove Addon

30/06/2011 20:56

Millions of files, including downloaded movies every day mediafire, one of the best sites for free file hosting and leader. Normally mediafire resume function provides its software as the maximum file size allowed is 200 MB user free. But sometimes, CV only last a few minutes and the download will not resume if you have sent a request to resume downloads. But this problem is easily solved. things you need are:

First Firefox Browser

2nd Remove Cookie (s) instead installed in Firefox Addon.

Download here

3. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

First, open the Firefox web browser and download the file by using the IDM mediafire. When you want to resume downloads, which will give you an error message, proceed as follows:

1.Open IDM, right click on your download and click Properties.

2. Copy the URL reference field.

3rd Insert the URL in your Firefox browser and reload the page.

4th Right click anywhere on this page and select "Delete Cookies for the site"

5. Reload this Page

6. Right click on the download link (Click here to start downloading from MediaFire ..) and select Copy Link Location.

7. Connect it to the address field of IDM Download properties window.

5. Click OK

Now you should be able to resume their normal load. Click the right mouse button and click Continue research.