Password Hacking through Sniffing

26/06/2011 20:08

The sniffing is another technique to use in-house. A utility packet capture sniffer or is able to

to capture all traffic to travel along a network segment to which it is connected. Us

Sniffers usually created throughout the organization to capture network traffic, hoping

identify valuable information, such as user IDs and passwords. We used to smell

passively capture data sent over the internal network. Laptops are generally

ideal platform because they are portable and easy to conceal. The system does not even need

an IP address, as it collects traffic passively. The machine copies the data sniffing

without altering the content, and is difficult to detect even the most sophisticated intrusion

detection software. There are programs, such as AntiSniff that has some success

detect sniffers.

Ethernet switching environments reduce the risk of packet capture. From the sniffer

able to capture traffic only on your network segment, a sniffer on a ride

the environment can see only traffic destined for it. However, in a shared environment or

mixed environment, sniffers can be very useful for capturing valuable traffic. In addition,

dsniff, written by Dug Song, is able to sniff across switches. Techniques used to dsniff

sniff on market segments can cause a denial of service conditions and should

used with caution during penetration testing.

Top 4 trackers:



Ettercap NG 0.7.1

Hunt 1.5