PC Cheats

12/07/2011 09:38

Here are some tricks cool computer that will make your computing experience more convenient and faster. Check them and you will be more efficient with your computer from now on.

COMPUTER Computer Top 10 Tips, Cool Tips

1. Internet

If you are a person assess the Internet on a regular basis, then you have to clean the temporary files regularly. You can clean up temporary files, go to Control Panel and select Internet Options and delete all files in the category of temporary files. You should also remove the cookies online, and track your browsing history in a day or two. If you follow these practices, which have a computer with a faster and more smoothly.

2. Some tips on the keyboard

Cree ® symbol Alt + 0174 = ®

0176 = No [degrees of temperature]

0174 = ® [trademark]

0153 = ™ [mark]

169 [copyright]

3. Secret memo

To create a record in your notebook all you have to do is write. "Register" without the quotes in the Notepad document. The next time you open notepdocument registry entries that the date and time every time you open the file.

4th PC basics shortcuts

Some shortcuts are basic PC

* Ctrl + = Select All

* F1 = Help

* Ctrl + X = cut

* Ctrl + C = copy

* Ctrl + V = Paste

5. Turn your PC into a Karaoke Player

You can do this by downloading the free software, this software is free for non - commercial use. You can convert your office and your laptop to a karaoke machine and can connect to your home theater.

6. Turn off the automatic reading of the USB key or external hard drive

You just need to press the Shift key when you install the USB drive to your PC or laptop. This will remove the automatic option play, and block access to the virus.

7. To add a watermark to your Word document

Select an option in the form of a Word document where you want to add a watermark. Format option, option, real estate is located, other printed there, then north-west.

8. Burn a CD with no software in Windows XP

All you need is a blank CD, you must copy the necessary content, then open My Computer, Compact Disk and paste the contents. Data can be copied to a CD in minutes.

9. Reset the password for Windows logon

In case you forget your password and do not know what to do, so you can still recover all your data using the software. Download boot disk with it, you will also receive a tool to recover password, using the toolbox recovery password, and you can recover your data. All you have to be careful is that if you have any EFS encrypted files, you will lose access to EFS encrypted files.

10th Some shortcut keys for Internet Explorer

1. You choose the word by double clicking on MS Word

2. When the word Triple click to select the entire row

3. Ctrl + mouse scroll on the back will reduce the font size, then Ctrl + mouse scroll up increases the font size.