Reduce firebox start up load time

30/06/2011 20:55

People who use Mozilla Firefox with low income (RAM..) Complain that Firefox is a lot of time to start especially in the first time after restarting the computer. Programs like Firefox is available for the cache files of certain pre-boot Firefox into memory when Windows starts. But in my experience, but also will slow the computer because it takes a bit of RAM to store the files in Firefox if you do not / to launch Firefox.

Another method is a simple change in the parameters of decent Firefox. This makes the load time for Firefox like Google Chrome. This web browser (Firefox) has a powerful tool in your pocket that allows any user to change the normal parameters that can be opened by entering "about: config" into the address bar without the quotes and press Enter. Arriving at the entrance to the preferences you can see the parameters of the channels.You can simply change the value of each right-clicking and selecting "Edit".

In order to make our courses tweak,

1. Find the entry browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers

2. Set the value "0"

3.Create a new entry by right-clicking anywhere in the Settings window, then new>integer

4. Enter the name of the preference browser.cache.memory.capacity

5th Set "0"

The parameters to restart Firefox to take effect!