Rename Your Firefox And Google Chrome Tabs Tabs Title With One Click

24/06/2011 21:15

It is very easy to rename the tabs of the Firefox tabs in Chrome / Google to avoid embarrassment or to conceal information about the sites you surf or to avoid confusion when you have multiple tabs open the same title tag.

You may want to rename the tab, Firefox, if you are:

; Looks something wrong, but do not want others (peepers portable annoying) to know what you are actually in place

 Is store / auction site opens in the office, but you do not want your colleagues / boss about it

 Browse multiple pages in a site that starts with the same name tag, a classic example of this is if you browse the various products in the categories of e-commerce, so some of the possibilities is to see the site's URL in the title the first, nor the name of the product, or do, and you have to manually review each page, and revisit, and in such situations.

Deal with this situation is now easy with - an extension for Firefox and a simple JavaScript hack - helps you manage this easily now:
To rename the tab in Firefox:

Get rename tabs and nothing else.