Replay Auto YouTube

07/08/2011 09:42

AutoPlay / playback automatically play videos on YouTube feature allows you to play your favorite songs without having to press "Play" button every time, especially the video ends.

Some browsers with built-in ability to add extensions / applications makes the auto repeat feature is child's play compared to others. Since this particular function is not provided by default on YouTube, you have to trust the third party products / services to take advantage of this service.


Loopy, a handy add-ons for Firefox and Greasemonkey is a platform for automatic video playback in Firefox. An important advantage of this is to create, you can only play individual videos, you can go auto-playlists too.

For those who do not install Greasemonkey - This addon will work fine, but this increase can not view automatic playlists, but only the individual videos.

2Google Chrome

Expansion of automated Chrome offers a different feature set Loopy Firefox. One of the most interesting - clips automatically repeat selective - in other words, it gives "De Replay" - to "play up option" This option lets you play / play only part of the video you want ..

Other browsers have limitations because the process is not as easy as with Firefox and Chrome. If you use another browser, you can visit sites like and where you can watch your favorite videos on several occasions.

All of the above restrictions, you must have a connection to streaming video over the Internet before playing. To go with this situation, you can download videos from YouTube / playlists from YouTube and use the VLC media player such as online video playback.