Restore Previously Opened Files After Shutdown

17/07/2011 10:26

If you want to spend a lot of folders on your computer or network at regular intervals, you can set to re-open automatically when you log on, shutdown or restart the computer the next time. There is no need to open regularly used folders manually, configure the simple sitting, your computer will automatically download all the previously opened windows.

By default, Windows XP, remove the option to automatically download all the open windows above, when you login, shutdown or restart the computer.

Follow the instructions to configure your computer to download previously opened folders automatically after shutdown.

* You can customize this feature, you must log on with administrator privileges.

* First click the Start button and then click Control Panel.

* Open the "Appearance and Themes" in Control Panel, click Folder Options.

* A small Windows dialog box titled "Folder Options", click the View tab.

In the Advanced Settings section, scroll down and click "Restore previous folder windows at logon" and click the OK button to save your session.

* Now when you log off, restart or shut down your computer will automatically open the last files opened in the same place as before.