Run Windows Apps On Linux

13/08/2011 08:49

Each user of a non-Linux may be carried at all times.

Rather than admit defeat, you have two options:

The use of an emulator. Install the software that allows your Linux system to emulate

as if the Windows system. When you receive a proper emulator

installed, all you have to do is install a Windows emulator on Linux system.The then allow the application to run Windows

directly from Linux.

■ Use an office management software remotely. Just install a server

that gives you direct access to the desktop via a Web browser or

specialized applications.

We will now discuss each option.

Software Compatibility Layer

In many ways, the software discussed here is not emulation software. Absolutely

in mind, the emulation software to create an Application Programming Interface Software

(API), and the real functions of the CPU (eg Pentium chip). Wine,

CrossOver Office Workstation and Win 4 Lin not recreate the architecture

CPU.Therefore technically are not emulators.

However, it is still common practice to lump this emulator software

class, because the use of applications such as wine, you can make a Linux system

behave as if it were a Windows system. In fact, if properly configured these applications,

some native Windows applications running, thinking they are in a

Windows applications using sets of APIs environment.These to help convince the natives

Windows applications that actually runs on Windows.

So, to avoid controversy, do not let us for these applications of "emulators" even

but is essentially what are.Taking head of the developers of Wine, which

Call of these software applications compatibility layer "because they all create a

layer between the Linux and Windows applications.

The advantage of this type of emulator, yes, the software is that you can use native

Windows applications directly from your Linux desktop.You do not have to rely on a

network connection to another system. However, be a bit tricky emulators

to configure, and any change in the configuration of the application can "break"

your configuration and the strength of a service call time and potentially costly.

As you prepare to use an emulator, the following questions:

What version of Windows is the application


You need access to the raw data contained in Linux?

How many people have access to these applications and the resulting data

from them? both brief, is that the expected load on this system?