Secret Shortcuts For Windows 7

14/07/2011 23:25

Two secrets of Windows 7 - cool computer tricks

1: Press windowskey + x

get Windows Mobility Center, where you can control things like

* Network Adapter WiFi on / off

* Brightness

* Volume Control

* Projector or external monitor

* Charge the battery and power options

* Synchronization

2: Click and shake through any window quickly.

This minimizes all open windows except Shaked u .. something cool to your Windows computer while you work with multiple applications ..

To test this, do the following.

Step 1: Open multiple windows for any choice (like notepad, paint, browser ...).

Step 2: Click on the top of any window and shake twice (just hold your mouse button and move left to right and from right to left twice fastly).

Step 3: u will notice that all windows are minimized.

Step 4: Even if u do it again, u can restore all the windows back.