Send Free SMS Anonymously Unlimited

21/08/2011 11:17

free anonymous text messaging has become very hard and there are at least sites that offer this option, if they do so to pay heavy from their customers. Many people do not want to pay a cent for it. They just want their site, which gives them the ability to send free and anonymous messages to their friends, relatives and much more.

How to send free anonymous messages?

There are many sites that offer the ability to send free messages anonymously. But this site offers us the opportunity to send a free message anonymously.

excel search features of this site:

No need to register first or login needed.

SecondLife Send unlimited SMS to 160 characters.

Check the third message delivery reports in real time.

The fourth does not include ads with your SMS.

fifth system, high speed message delivery.

You can send a message to visit this site-http: / / / send-free-sms /

Just enter the phone number of the victim and the message

Now click on Send

He was asked to write the words you see in the image, which provides them with the words correctly.

Click "I accept the Terms and Conditions"

That's it.