Several Orkuti Firefox

26/06/2011 20:12

Login with multiple IDs at the time in orkut, gmail, yahoo

To perform this trick u need Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1:

Open the system properties (by right clicking on my computer), select the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables. in the system variables section, click New. write this information in every box.

Variable name: moz_no_remote (should be lowercase)

variable value: 1

Press OK, close all windows.

Step 2:

Open the properties of the Firefox icon (from desktop and quick launch). Add the command line-P extension (like "c: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe"-p). press OK.

when you start Firefox or have to create two different profiles of Firefox so that u can connect to two accounts of any (Orkut, Yahoo, Rediff or anything else ).......

three logins create three profiles for Firefox.