Stop YouTube Videos Play Automatically In Firefox

23/06/2011 10:22

How to stop automatically playing YouTube videos in Firefox

It drives me nuts that automatically play YouTube videos. It 'is particularly annoying when I try to download Youtube video using the RealOne Player. I went looking for the best way to remove these videos play automatically, and came up with three different options I have listed here.

Method 1: Use the extension StopAutoPlayingAlready

This extension is intended for people who do not use Greasemonkey.

Once installed the extension, you will notice that the video on now the play button.

Install, download the plug on the hard drive, then drag it to the dialog of Firefox Add-ons:

Install the Firefox extension StopAutoPlayingAlready
Method 2: Using the Youtube Prevent Autoplay Script:

If you love using Greasemonkey you’ll probably prefer this method. All you need to do is install the greasemonkey script and it will work exactly as the extension above.
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