The Fastest Way To Get Into Other Systems

25/06/2011 19:57

You can hack any system as it is connected to the rest of what we call "Internet." Connection to the Internet gateway to share communications and data transfer. So we have to do is to get the port, which has been violated.

ok to start, you must do:

1. Port scanning software on google.

The second IP address of the victim whose port is open.

3. NETlab that gives u all information includes victim IP address, the area where you have access to the Internet ....

4. The IP address of the victim is the first U NetLab.

5th Thats it you can now access their system.

This is  Hardcore Hacking and you should be very careful while doing all this and you do all this at your own risk. This site is not responsible for anything you do after reading an article on this site, and chances are about 50% you can catch do not try unless you are aware of everthing. Yes, you can freak some of your friends telling them that they can hack their systems very easily.