Tips To Protect Against hacking

29/06/2011 21:38

hacking is one of the main problems faced by Internet users these days. Although there are many methods of preventing piracy, professional pirates have found ways to overcome security measures. Some of the most influential hackers are using phishing and key logging you need to take care and attention to stay safe. This becomes more difficult for Internet users to keep all your accounts safe from attack by hackers. Here are some ways you can keep your email accounts and personal computers safe from hackers.

Anti-virus software

One of the best ways to stay safe from hackers is to have the latest update anti-virus software installed. The choice of a process of good firewall can also keep her safe. These programs discourage thieves from accessing your computer and get information even when the software uses the last pirate.

Strong passwords

Most of the piracy occurs through the cracking of passwords and there are many who have extensive experience in password cracking. So people keep your password strong enough to conjecture. If the password is a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, it is unlikely that the password can be hacked. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters may also help.

Make sure you do not use your name or your spouse's name, the name of your pet and any other name that is easy for everyone to guess your password. This makes it vulnerable. Also make sure you change your passwords frequently to keep all your files intact and safe. To have the same password for different accounts can also make it easy for hackers. Because when your account is hacked, you can be sure that others can be pirated too. Be careful not to write your password anywhere.

Anti-keylogger program

One of the most common methods of hacking these days is the key to connecting with each stroke is recorded in the keyboard is also making it easier to enter a password, a hacker invades your account password. This is done by hackers to install a program, registration key for the victim's computer without his knowledge, and then stalks him. This can be avoided by using an anti-key logging software, which is not supported by any software registration key, because it is difficult to store passwords.

A secure e-mail

Be sure not to open suspicious attachments you receive in your email. This is one of the most followed by piracy. They may also be some of the emails that promise gifts and you can be tricked into revealing their details have to be careful.