To Repair A Windows XP Installation Without Formatting Your Computer And Lose Your Files

19/06/2011 10:33

To Repair A Windows XP Installation Without Formatting Your Computer And Lose Your Files
A repair installation of Windows XP does not delete any files, such as the design. Design of Windows XP to clean your computer is absolutely everything you had on your computer, and, therefore, this fact alone makes the repair a good alternative to try to fix the error. If you suspect that the problem in the Windows system files, you can try before resorting to correct formatting.

What you need to repair a Windows XP installation:

1. An original Windows XP CD. One was originally installed. (Not OEM)

A second certificate of authenticity sticker with a serial number that corresponds to your installation.

How to solve the installation of Windows XP without formatting the computer:

First First you put your Windows XP CD in the drive.

2. Then restart your computer.

3rd When he says press any key to boot from CD, press a key on the keyboard. (Go to Step 6)

4. If you do not ask, then restart the computer.

5. Go to the BIOS settings of your PC, usually by pressing F1, F2, F10, or maybe the delete key. If you are unsure of looking at the startup screen and say "To enter setup press ... ....". You must be quick and press. If you are not restarting. Once you're in the bios, you need to change boot options. You must make your CD-ROM the first boot option. Save and exit.

6th A blue screen appears and you are well on their way ..

First Press Enter to install Windows XP now. Choose not to repair again.

2. If you have Windows XP installed on your computer you will find it.

3rd See below where it says: C: \ Windows "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" Make sure this option is selected. He can say, Windows XP Home also.

repair an installation of Windows XP without formatting

1. Choose hours to repair the selected Windows XP installation by pressing the letter R on the keyboard.

2. Now the windows seem to be the usual installation process, however, much faster. Do not panic because it does not delete files if you wish to repair.

3. At some point, you must enter the serial number and restart the computer.

4th When you connect again, your files are still there, but the error you did not have Windows.