Transfer Files From IPod To A Computer

12/07/2011 09:37

If so, then you may want to transfer your files from your old iPod to your computer so you can easily be transferred to the iPod without losing any data. To do this you need to know the method for transferring files, follow the steps below:

IPod nano How to transfer files from iPod to new computer


1. First of all, make sure that the iPod is configured for disk use.

2nd Next, open My Computer.

3. Here are the iPod in the drive list.

4. So, Windows Vista, go to organize, or Windows XP, go to Settings.

5. Next, select Show hidden folders.

6. Then open the folder named iPod_Control.

7th Then go to the Music folder

8. Then select all the files on it and select Copy from the menu that has Windows Vista or Windows XP sidebar.

9. Then, paste the files in the iTunes folder.

10th Then after the download is complete, you must re-install iTunes. When you see your files in iTunes, is it safe to sync your iPod.