Update Node32 Anti Virus Offline

01/07/2011 22:53

many home users do not update the software anivirus not only because they are equipped with internet connection at home. it is better to have a computer without anti-virus that the use of outdated anti-virus! Yes, the software update virus database security is necessary to protect against new threats.

Many users use the Eset Node32 antivirus software because it is always in the top 5 anivirus. You can update your offline node32 manually with these simple steps. You need a place where there should be a computer with Internet connection and node32. You can do your friend's house or college computer.


Node32 First update on the computer (his friend) with Internet connection. After the update with success against the virus database, follow these steps:

1. Find the installation folder ESET Node32. It can be in C: \ Program Files \ Eset default.

2. Copy the file to Eset USB flash drive

The first step is now complete. You will need to copy the file on your computer that has an Internet connection. This makes these steps:

1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode (press F8 at startup)

2. Eset locate the installation folder on the system. Can C: \ Program Files \ Eset as before.

3. Eset folder with the updated files, select all the files except nodshex.dll

4. Copy and paste in C: \ Program Files \ Eset

5th Restart your computer

Search database of virus signatures in its information box node32, node 32 must now be updated.