Use Google For Hacking

08/07/2011 09:05

Google serves some 80 percent of all Internet searches appears to be the search engine the most popular. However, Google can reach not only the information resources available to the public, but also provides access to some of the most confidential information that should never have been revealed. In this post I will show how to use Google to exploit security holes in Web sites. The following are some tips that can be obtained by using Google.

1. Hacking Cameras

There are many surveillance cameras used for surveillance of locations such as parking lots, college campuses, so that traffic can be hacked using Google, you can see the images captured by cameras in real time. Just use the following search string in Google. Sign of the Google search box exactly as follows and press Enter

inurl: "viewerframe mode = motion"

Click one of the search results (Top 5 recommended) and have access to live camera that has full control. You will see something like this:

You can also move the camera in all four directions, perform actions such as zooming in and out. This camera is actually lower refresh rate. But there are other requests, you can get through the cameras of others who have a higher refresh rate. So use them only to use the following query.

intitle: "Live View / - Axis"

Click on a search results to access a different set of live cameras. So you have the cameras hacked using Google.

2nd Hacking personal and confidential documents

With Google you can have an e-mail archive contains hundreds of resumes of people that have been created when a job application. The documents that contain their address, telephone number, date of birth, education, work experience, etc. can be found just a few seconds.

intitle: "curriculum vitae" "phone * * *" "* E" "e-mail"

You can get a list. Xls (Excel documents), which contain contact information, including e-mail and a large number of people. You can do this by typing your search query and press Enter.

filetype: xls inurl: "email.xls"

It is also possible to access the information they can contain documents of bank accounts, financial summaries and credit card numbers using the following query

intitle: index.of finances.xls

3. Google Hacking for Free Stuffs

Have you ever wondered how to hack Google for free music or books. Well here's a way to do it. You can download music only to receive the following query into the Google search box and press enter.

"Intitle:? Index.of mp3 Eminem"

Now you need to access the complete index for Eminem's album, where I can download songs of your choice. Instead of Eminem, you can subtitute name of your favorite albums. To search all eBooks you need to do is replace "Eminem" favorite book with your name. Also replace "mp3" with "PDF" or "zip" or "RAR".