Use The Android Phone As A Wireless Keyboard

17/07/2011 20:46

PRemoteDroid is a free handy for those of you who have HTPC (Home Theater PC) or presentations for the job. It basically allows your phone to use Android touchscreen touchpad as a mouse and keyboard to enter text - wirelessly! Not only that, it is a file browser and screen capture functionality. Very neat. Hit the jump for more information about the features and installation.

Resource Manager feature allows you to display pictures or play the media, which is stored on your computer. Open it and you basically can not see disks - hard disks, you can browse the files and folders. When you click on the file, you use the default viewer or player for that file type on your computer to make a nice way to change the music or photos to share with family and guests.

The screen is a bit less useful but still a good addition to the software. Basically acts as a mini-phone display shows the area where your mouse over the screen of your computer. For an example of this in the picture above. Since you can not see the entire computer screen, then nothing is more eyecandy, but can be useful. I just want to use a remote desktop application like VNC instead of using the screen capture function staff. Fortunately you can disable, and that made my mouse movements a little late.

Application does not require any additional software installed on your computer where you can take this free.http: / / / p / premotedroid / downloads / list

It allows you to connect to your computer via WiFi or Bluetooth, which is handy especially if you make a presentation on your laptop and there is no WiFi available. It is also password protected so that others do not try to hijack control of your PC.

Installation is fairly simple, but it can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with the network.

1. First make sure you have installed on your computer and the server application on Android phone

2. Open the application on your phone and add a new connection by clicking the Settings> Connections

3. Hit menu and select> New

4. Choose Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

5th Now go to your computer that you installed the server and right click the server icon in the system tray PRemoteDroid

6. Click Server Wi-Fi or Bluetooth server, a window and give you the information to put in the empty boxes on your Android phone

7th Click Save, then return to the black screen with 3 mouse buttons on top and you're done

If you have problems, make sure your phone is connected to a wireless access point if you use the wifi, and make sure you have Bluetooth on your computer and you have paired your phone with your computer before you want to use Bluetooth.