Web Anonymous Surfing

25/06/2011 20:01

UltraSurf is a useful software to hide your IP address and protect your privacy online help on the web anonymous surfing. As mentioned above, Ultrasurf is used to avoid firewall restrictions and even bypass the restrictions of Rapidshare.

Download it here


But the disadvantage of using UltraSurf is that it is useful for users of Internet Explorer. So, to make it compatible with Firefox (the browser most popular among hackers), the Firefox addon "WJ" is used.


As I mentioned, WJ is a Firefox addon UltraSurf is used to make compatible with Firefox. Addon allows you to change the proxy settings in Firefox. But remember, this addon to work properly, you should be running UltraSurf.

Addon to install, its presence is displayed in the status bar with "WJ On" or "WJ Disabled".

If you accidentally disabled, allowing the clicked ..

To download this addon:

First Run your Firefox.

2. Download the zip file add:

Download WJ addon for Firefox.

3. Now unzip the downloaded file.

4th Now double click the file and open it with Firefox. It will be open with Firefox and a dialog box asking to install addon.

5. Click Install and plug-in installed.

6th Restart Firefox addon to view the status in the status bar.

Using WJ:

Started first with UltraSurf addon "WJ activated".

2. UltraSurf provides three proxy server.

3. Select one of which has a maximum speed, and now your IP address changes.

Finished 4th.

So guys, hope you enjoy browsing the Web anonymously with UltraSurf. Now no need to have the list of proxy servers or search for free public proxy servers quickly. Only UltraSurf.