Why Is It Important For Virus Protection For Your Computer

28/06/2011 23:22

What is antivirus software?

Antivirus is a program that makes your system clean and free of dangerous viruses, worms and attacks.Antivirus software is vital to maintaining a good work functioning.When computers without antivirus software, have a higher risk of acquisition of malware that can damage software strongly the system, jeopardize the safety or delete important information.

Okay, now in simple words ... Antivirus programs fully protect your computer by scanning the entire operating system, e-mail and all downloaded files.

How antivirus detection work?

Antivirus Scan all files on the system to find the malware, worms and Trojans.Even, surfing the Internet increases the risk of collecting viruses, spyware, malware, trojan and malware information. Anti-virus software to detect suspicious sites and files that contain malicious code before it blocks malicious programs computer.Antivirus monitoring software to download to your computer. Tracking software is used to steal credit card numbers, bank and personal information are then sold to organizations involved in the crime of identity theft software automatically removes spyware rings.Antivirus, files, Trojan horses, and all other types malware from your computer. Automatic removal of viruses is a simple process, and is also very large.

Why is it important to install antivirus software on your PC?

There are many hackers in the world, each of the brands minita dissemination and millions of new viruses focus of these pirates is cut and collect the secret information.Like your facebook, passwords by email, the word ATM password, information your bank account and type more attacks are private info.Other by simply destroy this seriously systems.But sometimes.You also sometimes seen in the window of your antivirus to stop work, deleted files, the network connection becomes very slow, disable the task, sometimes a window crashes.All of these effects are caused by viruses.

How and why the pirates code of this virus?

Hehehehe ... Everyone wants to know how hackers source code virus.These these viruses may be in the programming language used is simple or batch languages.The Vb.net, Java, Delphi, Python in other languages ​​go further proramming can be used. These viruses mostly work for the Linux operating system is Windows system.Bcoz the coolest I've never seen.Linux not support extensions like n virus.and format is not compatible with the automatic execution. System, therefore, these viruses are not affected is LINUX. There are many programs available virus maker, which lets you create your own custom virus without knowing programming languages.

Why Antivirus updation is necessary and important?

As I said above, that each minite there are a lot of new types of viruses attack our computers.So online anti-virus programs update their virus data on a daily basis. These updates are important, because new viruses are released every day, and you can remain unnoticed, if antivirus software is not signed date.irus / database / data mask / is an algorithm or algorithms to calculate the hash to identify clearly the positions virus.A General Anti-Virus checks the database, or the virus database and heuristic anti-virus uses the heuristic algorithm and verify the behavior of the virus, a villain of different statistical methods and other experts.

So from now on to note that only the installation of an antivirus is not enough for security.You updated regularly.

Where most of the time the virus can live?

1) RAM

Boot records 2)

3) Master Boot Record

4) different types of files

5) In the case temperory

6) You can hide / bind the other files .. such as images, games, videos, keygen or patch the software.

7) RAR files.

What should be the ability of a good antivirus program?

Script checking 1)

2) compressed files / file checking

3) the ability to quarantine

4) E-mail and web control

5) Sharing Protection P2P/File

Control register 6)

7) Protection Macro

8) firewall protection

9) Real-Time Protection

I think now all clear for you.