Windows 7 Seems To Make Ubuntu Linux

21/06/2011 09:19

Windows 7 Seems To Make Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu, one of the best alternatives and a great competitor to Windows is because it is' incredibly user-friendly interface, simple installation and very fast, a dual-boot with Windows 7 and the great support of the program.? In the area of ??Linux, Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux operating systems around the world.

Many users are missing Windows looks in Ubuntu. It is now possible.

Theme W7 allows you to make Ubuntu Linux seems W7 Windows 7 theme is a free script that hides Linux Desktop for Windows 7 looks familiar.

It can change the graphical interface of Linux is more familiar Windows interface. Linux is a highlyconfigurable the GUI, but if you are looking for the best-known Windows interface, this script does a great job to make Ubuntu looks in Windows 7

You can download either version of KDE and GNOME and one of the few themes to make your Firefox browser look more Windows-y too.

Ubuntu Linux users can now get a complete skin of Windows 7 to take a look at the glass Linux OS better and, for practical purposes, make it look almost exactly like Windows 7.

It works in all versions of Linux, but works best with Ubuntu, as it was designed. The skin, which can be downloaded here turn out to be a very compelling alternative to Windows 7, but without the Aero Glass effects, and might serve as a great way to introduce some users with free Linux.

Complete instructions for installation and configuration of the skin are available and there are versions for downloadsite GNOME or KDE.

This skin works better with Ubuntu 10.04.